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About Global Fertility Connections

We Are Here to Help Intended Parents
Successfully Navigate Their Fertility Journey  

Global Fertility Connections (GFC) was created by a team of experienced healthcare and business professionals with their own personal fertility journeys who saw an opportunity to improve the Intended Parent experience on the path to parenthood.

The GFC team and consultants guide and connect IP’s to the right agencies, clinics and resources in order to enhance their quality of care and meet the individual needs of Intended Parents to help deliver the results that they seek.

We serve both US-based and International Intended Parents with multi-language capabilities.

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Our Story

 The fertility journey is not always a straight path, but rather a ride with peeks and valleys.

It can be overwhelming, stressful and even discouraging at times. And, not everyone in the assisted reproductive industry has the best interest of Intended Parents at heart.


Founder, Ama Gordon faced these fertility challenges and this is what inspired the mission of Global Fertility Connections to help build families around the globe. 


All members of the GFC team have their own personal experiences with the fertility journey. 

We offer Intended Parents, our experience, industry expertise and customized services on their path to parenthood.

Ama Gordon


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Ama Gordon
CEO & Founder

The fertility journey much like life is not a straight path, but rather a series of twists and turns. One day you'll look at your family to see how far you've come.

Meet The Founder

Meet the team
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